Poster competition: the winners are...

Each academic year, our Master students in Nautical Sciences participate in a competition to create posters on ecological topics.

The winners for 'Best content' are Arne Dobbelaere, Lorenz De Vos, Sam D'Hoore and Thomas De Vuyst. Their poster focused on "hydroacoustic antifouling systems".

The "Biomimicry in antifouling solutions" poster of Corentin Gachet, Axel Houillier and Louis Le Moulec won the 'Most Original Presentation' prize.

Congratulations to both teams!

The competition is organised in the framework of the “Advanced Maritime Ecology” course which gives students an in-depth understanding of maritime environmental problems. Students also learn to critically reflect - from an ethical, human and global perspective - on the developments in a globalising economy.

(pictures HZS)


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