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Terms and Conditions

  • The Antwerp Maritime Academy – Institute for Hydrography requires payment of the registration fee before enrolling. The registration fee is EUR 250.00. Proof of registration is only given when the application is complete and the registration fee paid.
  • The tuition fee for the programme consists of EUR 100.00 per credit taken (at a max. of 60 credits).
  • The registration and tuition fees must be paid before the start of the first module. Proof of enrolment is only given when the tuition fee is paid.
  • The registration fee cannot be reimbursed.
  • The tuition fee can be reimbursed prior to the start of the first module. Bank costs in the event of reimbursement are paid by the applicant. The tuition fee cannot be reimbursed after the start of the first module.
  • The courses are lectured at the Antwerp Maritime Academy and Ghent University unless stated otherwise (excursions). The course 'Integrated Fieldwork' has a duration of three weeks and takes place in various locations.
  • Catering is available but not included.
  • The required set of hydrography handbooks are priced at approx. EUR 310.00; students are free to order them through the HZS or obtain them elsewhere.

I declare that the information on this form is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and agree, if registering as a trainee, to abide by all of the Antwerp Maritime Academy regulations. I understand that inaccurate, incomplete or illegible information may affect my enrolment and final certification.